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So Much Дуже Exciting News!

North Dakota winter still won't leave but work on the 2019 Ukrainian Summer Camp has been ongoing for months and months already! And the stage is nearly set!

There are so many great developments that we'll have to spread them out over several blog posts. Be sure to keep an eye open for more updates!

The dates for this years Ukrainian Summer Camp are July 8th through the 20th.

Where you might ask?

At the new Dickinson Middle School!

We are super excited about this development and many thanks to Dickinson Public Schools for working with us!

Even better yet?

We'll have access to the Home Ec classroom with kitchen facilities! This will be a great addition to our camp curriculum and we are excited about the possibilities!

Again, there is more news but we'll save those bits and pieces for other blog posts. Did you know you can sign up for our blog right on our website? If you do, you'll receive email notifications when we post new updates and content. And of course you can find us on the almighty Facebook!

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