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Welcome To Our New Blog... Sign up!

There is always a lot going on in the background of things. One item that came up... How do we better leverage our website? Websites are a must have tool but not everyone is eager to spend all the time needed to learn how to build it, keep it updated, and keep it relevant (a website can get pretty "dusty" pretty fast). Emil was working on a website project for St. Demetrius where they had the same problem.

How to allow many people access to post new material and updates without the pain of doing all that "website stuff"?

The answer was surprisingly simple... start a blog! It's easy to allow numerous people the ability to post. It's easy to categorize and display around the website. And it's uber shareable on social media. It also allows people to sign up on the website to receive email notifications when something new is posted.

So here we are... starting the NDUDA blog to better communicate to the world. Please sign up and share! And we'll continue working to promote all the glorious things Ukrainian in our little neck of the prairie.



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